About GeniusLab

"If we teach our children only what we know, they can never do better than we do." - Gunter Pauli 


The Genius Lab is an organisation dedicated to innovative education in four main areas:

  1. THE GENIUS OF NATURE: exploring the genius of nature to inspire innovative genius beyond sustainability 
  2. TRANSFORMATION: personal and organisational transformation exploring your own genius, consciousness and imagination.
  3. IMAGINEERING: Extraordinary tools to fuel the power of your imagination 
  4. INNOVATION: Free energy brainstorms, mindmelds, inspiration, and more

We explore genius in all its forms, with the aim of inspiring further genius. Essentially we run workshops, mindmelds & brainstorms and we develop innovative education tools. We cover a range of extraordinary and wonderful inspiring subjects and what's more, we make connections between them all. Our workshops and brainstorms include a general series, a kidz lab series, a series for schools & universities, an optional series for businesses, and more! We are always open and willing to explore new areas.

“In the Genius Lab, we hope to create a platform, a spring board, a hub, an incubator for people to do their best work and to flourish. To be observed and engaged as brilliant is an empowering experience. This is the environment to get great minds to thrive and emerge in.” – Amanda

Claire Janisch (environmental imagineer) and Amanda Gifford (arts therapist), combined forces in creating the Genius Lab innovation hub. Claire holds an MSc.Chem-Eng in the field of Environmental Process Engineering and is a certified professional in the field of Biomimicry. Amanda Gifford has a Masters in Psychology majoring in Drama Therapy, is an Registered Arts Therapist and is a Family Constellations facilitator. The are both passionate about humanity's ability to explore solutions to any challenges we face, and our ability to innovate, to become imagineers – people who actively use their imaginations to engineer change through creative genius. Our focus is in creating environments for creative genius to emerge.

The Genius Lab works together with other geniuses for a common dream to create something fabulous and wonderful in our world. Claire & Amanda bring their range of tools and variety of expertise to Genius Lab, running workshops individually and together. The range of wonderful subjects we explore has included:

  • The art of science & the science of art
  • The remarkable genius of nature
  • Ancient wisdom & cutting edge science
  • The power of music and understanding frequency
  • Sacred geometry
  • Mathemagics – the magic & mystery of numbers
  • Quantum health & healing
  • Extraordinary future technologies
  • Imagining the future and the extreme future
  • Theatre of the mind - reinventing yourself
  • Environmental imagineering beyond sustainability
  • And much more..

The extraordinary subject matter is compiled into a wonderful combination of inspiring experiential learning opportunities from guest geniuses the Genius Lab team. Genius Lab explores the idea that genius is all about making connections – not only across multiple disciplines, from past to present, from within to without, but also connecting to the genie in us! The Genius Lab has been created for nurturing a community of future thinkers and imagineers who are supported in re-awakening their own creative genius. It also serves as an opportunity to network and link-up with other wonderful geniuses, organisations and places where you can be further inspired and learn more about the wonder of your universe and your self!

The workshops are a space for the free-flow of ideas, and for entangling in the utterly positive innovative, hopeful energy of this community of thinkers. It's about taking the time to inspire your creative genius for the future while entangled with extraordinary ideas and unlimited possibilities, finding joy and having fun in the process. Genius Lab creates an environment for outrageous and radical ideas to be born. It's a laboratory in the sense of the ancient wizard and experimental laboratories inhabited by inventors, artists, imagineers and geniuses throughout the ages that have changed the course of history! It's a grand opportunity to be with budding wizards who are willing to experiment with all the multimodal disciplines to explore the joy of creative genius.

The workshops are also an opportunity to master some of the fascinating magical art & science of the future. It’s the art & science that creeps back into your heart, it’s the physics of who you are. It’s filled with the enchantment and mystery of YOU! It’s an introduction to all those who grapple with this new understanding of their relationship to the nature of reality.

“Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses - especially learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else." - Leonardo Da Vinci


Kidz Genius Lab creates an environment where kids can explore, play, discover, uncover, recover their pure, playful, innocent and exponential genius! Geniuses connect the dots. They see patterns in everything. They embrace and appreciate beauty. Genius is finding joy in the process. It’s about standing in a quantum field and allowing ourselves to go wild with possibilities. Through focusing on awakening the imagination, enlivening their ability to play and have fun as well as learning about the art and science of life and the universe, kidz Genius Lab presents a platform where no limits to your child’s potential exists. This is the quantum field of genius where children thrive. This is Kidz Genius Lab. Join us for work&playshops full of possibilities where your child’s genius will soar!

This special series of genius labs has been created for kids only. It is focused on playful and creative explorations as the key to unlocking and inspiring curiosity and a love of learning. The Kidz Genius Lab is an experiential learning environment where the wonders of the universe are explored and children are given the opportunity to imagine the future – their own and that of the world around them. It’s specifically designed for kids with enquiring minds, perhaps unsatisfied in the school environment, and for kids who have lost interest in learning or have difficulty with it. It includes music, singing, mathemagics, art, science, brain-gym, storytelling, drama therapy and lots of Imagineering!